Jewelry is one of the most beautiful forms of Art

When the designs are perfect, It may express a beauty that can’t be explained, but only felt. I believe that in this day in age, we have lost a lot of Beauty in our art with jewelry. The main reason why we have lost this beauty is because retailers, manufactures, and jewelry shop owners are […]

Types of silver bracelet for a child

For the love of jewelry, even the children are not left out. To accommodate them, there is need to make ornaments that fit their small hands and wrists to fit them comfortably. When you think of getting a silver bracelet for your child, size is the bottom line before other factors can come up. This […]

Silver Chain Necklace, Wearing Your Statement In Style

If style and glamour is your thing, then a Silver chain necklace is the in thing. One thing you will note and appreciate is the variety in the market. A visit to the store will give you an option to make your choice regarding your style and preference. You can choose to get a delicate […]

Important Factors When Sourcing For Silver Chains

Important Factors When Sourcing For Silver Chains

Sterling Silver Chain:Silver chains complement our choice of dress on most occasions and makes us stand out from the rest. The chains make a powerful fashion statement when complemented well with the choice of clothing. It is however not the case for many people as it is ignored as many prefer large jewelry and gems […]

How To Wear Silver Earrings Right

How To Wear Silver Earrings Right

Buying earrings can be fun but knowing the right earring is equally important. Silver earrings too need to be bought with a lot of care. A buyer needs to consider their facial features to get the right facial balance. A face can be round, square, long, thin, heart shaped or oval and getting the right […]

Three Important Tips When Shopping For a Sterling Silver Chain

925 gold plated sterling silver necklace designs

The beauty and elegance that comes with a sterling silver chain make it a must-have accessory in our wardrobes. This is a valuable inclusion in your collections that makes you stand out in whatever outfit you choose for a particular day or occasion. When sourcing for one, it is important to put into consideration several […]

Find the High Quality and Great Price Silver Pearl Earrings

Great Price Silver Pearl Earrings

Find the High Quality and Great Price Silver Pearl Earrings Online at PRJewel Studio, Buy Direct from Manufacturer. Pamper yourself with the most stunning pair of 925 silver pearl earrings and get them from in prices that will fit your budget! Silver pearl earrings are one of the most in demand pieces of jewelry […]

Best Online Shopping Sites For Silver Bracelets

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