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Have a blog? A Facebook Page? A Tumblr? A Website? A Youtube Channel? Affiliate marketing is easy to get set up and is an exciting way to make money, even while you’re sleeping!

Join our Affiliate Program and leverage your social media profile or blog by creating a great passive income through our Factory Outlet Store.

It’s as simple as adding your unique URL (that will be generated by refersion’s software) to a Facebook post, a blog post, Youtube video, or your website, and whenever someone clicks that link and buys something from our store (any time within 30 days) you’ll earn money!

You drive the sales, we pack and ship the products, you sit back and watch your money grow!

For more information on our affiliate program and how it works, please email info@prjewel.com or SIGN UP Below!

For a list of optional banner ads for use on your website or blog, please click here.

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