What is 990 silver jewelry?

990 silver

990 Silver is marked S990, it means 990 parts per 1000 of pure silver. 990 silver is regarded as pure silver.

Sterling silver is marked S925, which is 925 parts per 1000 silver.

Fine Silver Bangle

What is 990 Silver Jewelry?

You may have come across the terms 990 Silver and 990 Silver Jewelry quite often. What do they mean?

990 Silver Jewelry or 990 Silver as it is called is marked as S990. It means 990 parts per 1000 of pure silver. 990 Silver is regarded as pure silver and is also referred to as S990 or Silver990 in the jewelry market.

What is the difference between Sterling Silver and 990 Silver Jewelry?

Sterling silver is marked as S925. That means it is 925 parts per 1000 of silver. Sterling silver contains 92.5 percent of silver while 990 Silver contains 99 percent of silver. That means Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver while 990 Silver or 990 Silver Jewelry is 99% pure silver.

S925 and S990 are among the most common types of silver that are sold in China and by jewelry retailers based out of China. In China, a combination of 92.5% silver and 7.5%, also called as Sterling Silver, is the preferred mixture for making jewelry.

In fact, you can refer to Silver as Silver925 without the coating material that protects it from outside elements.

990 Silver or Silver990 is a type of silver where the purity is no less than 99%. It is also called as “fine silver” in the jewelry marketplace.

Why Buy 990 Silver Jewelry or Sterling Silver Jewelry? Why Not Opt for 100% Pure Silver Jewelry?

There is a reason why you should buy Sterling Silver Jewelry or 990 Silver instead of 100% pure silver. Silver that is 100% pure is very soft, very easy to scratch and cannot be used for complex tasks. There is no way for such 100% pure silver to be used in modern jewelry.

In modern jewelry, you need the silver to be made stronger and tougher. By adding 7.5% of an alloy to the silver, as we do when designing Sterling Silver Jewelry, we are able to make the silver jewelry much harder, brighter and give it a distinct luster. Such silver will have a much superior oxidation resistance.

The Silver Jewelry that is made harder and stronger in this manner can be used with a variety of precious stones such as diamonds, white stone or jade. It will have a much brighter color, unique design and look far more fashionable.

Generally, the difference between 990 Silver Jewelry and 925 Silver or Sterling Silver is that 925 Silver is used more and more in modern jewelry designs, while 990 Silver is considered more traditional.

We sell both 990 silver jewelry and 925 silver jewelry and get a lot of enquiries from customers from all over the world for both types of silver jewelry.

You really cannot go wrong with either version of silver, but the types and styles of jewelry that can be designed with 990 silver are different from what you get with 925 silver. That is the fundamental difference between them.

You are welcome to contact us to know more about 990 Silver Jewelry and Sterling Silver Jewelry. Do have a look at our online store to see the range of our silver jewelry designs as well. We offer a 100% guarantee on all products sold by us.

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