What is Tourmaline jewelry?

925 sterling silver tourmaline jewelry

Jewelry for men and women are available in different verities. They are being made in different material including gold, silver and diamond and available in different colors, sizes and shapes. There is also a big range of gemstone jewelry available in market which are bit different that other types of jewelry because it has been made with natural stones after heating and cutting them.

Gemstone jewelry is available in different colors like black, pink, red, green, yellow and purple. Actually it has been believed that you can found an imaginable color in gemstone jewelry. Gemstone jewelry itself is divided in many sub categories and one of the is known as tourmaline, which is known for its high quality, shine and metaphysical purposes.

Tourmaline is a gemstone which is available almost all colors which human being can imagine but mostly dark colors like red, green and pink has been used in tourmaline jewelry due to its attractive and shiny look. Tourmaline is a hard stone which is usually available in 7.5 on mohs scale but it could be different and jewelry designer can cut in much smaller scale too to fit in the jewelry.

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Tourmaline is found almost all around globe but countries like Pakistan, Brazil, Myanmar, Russia and Zambia is famous where the source of tourmaline in America is California. In past, tourmaline use to believed as rubies, that’s why you will found them in the collection of historical rulers jewels. Today tourmaline is used in jewelry and a touch of tourmaline in jewelry can take it to whole new level because it does not just increase its value but also enhance the overall design of whole jewelry.

Tourmaline sterling silver jewelry is not known for a symbol of fashion but also in many countries and tribes they has been wear for metaphysical purpose. For example the pink tourmaline is associate with love, romance and spiritual heart where green tourmaline is wear by people to enhance physical health. Black color protect from negativity where blue color improve the meditation etc. Golden tourmaline jewelry is also available at prjewel.com which is associate to find inner strength.

Today, in the world of fraud, it is not easy to find a reliable place to purchase tourmaline jewelry. Many online and offline stores are selling other gemstone as tourmaline. But still there are few places from where you can purchase tourmaline jewelry in reasonable prices while these are 100% original tourmaline jewelry which has been used in many different ways. prjewel.com is one of them from where you can purchase high quality tourmaline jewelry in reasonable prices direct from the manufacturer.

Tourmaline is usually used in ring but on prjewel studio you can purchase tourmaline in other things including necklace and earrings. The website also provide you to purchase tourmaline silver jewelry which is designed with latest jewelry designs and trends and also available in different colors verity.

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