Essential Guide to Sterling Silver Larimar Rings

If you love jewelry or beautiful looking stones, then you will definitely want to jump on the growing trend for stunning larimar rings. Larimar rings have a unique yet sophisticated appearance that will add some sparkle and beauty to any wardrobe or occasion. The following is an essential guide to larimar rings, including the most popular form of larimar ring out there: larimar sterling silver rings.

What Are Larimar Rings?

Larimar rings are rings made using larimar. Larimar is a form of pectolite, which is a type of volcanic stone. There are many different types of volcanic stones around the world, but larimar is the only volcanic stone with a beautiful blue coloration that is wholly unique to one specific region: a 1/2 square mile of volcanic rock located above Baoruco in the Dominican Republic. Traditionally, pectolite is white or grey in color, but the pectolite from this particular region has a distinct and beautiful blue coloration that makes it truly unique.

natural larimar ring
natural larimar ring

Why Are Larimar Rings So Popular?

Larimar rings and larimar sterling silver rings are so popular because of the beautiful appearance of the larimar volcanic stone. No two larimar pieces are exactly alike due to the natural variations in the stone, which produces varying shades of blue and white. The end result is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that is perfect for any personal style and any occasion. Larimar rings can do well with elegant and formal outfits, as well as casual and fun outfits. Larimar rings are also popular due to the uniqueness of the stone itself—it is not every day, after all, that you can claim to be wearing volcanic rock!

Tips for Buying Larimar Rings

If you are interested in buying larimar rings for your personal collection or larimar rings as a gift, then you will definitely want to consider the following simple tips.

Sterling Silver Larimar Ring
Sterling Silver Larimar Ring

Tip: Opt for sterling silver settings

When it comes to the ring setting, it’s best to choose sterling silver. Sterling silver provides a durable and high quality base for the larimar stone and will keep the stone steady and more protected, especially if you plan to wear your ring on a more regular basis. Sterling silver is also high quality and can last for countless years when you properly take care of it, so it’s an excellent option for jewelry as a whole.

Tip: Buy from reputable jewelry shops

Larimar has become very popular, which naturally means that some people attempt to sell “larimar rings” that aren’t actually made with the stone. Stick to buying your larimar sterling silver rings from reputable jewelry shops with good reviews so that you can get the real deal.

Tip: Compare prices to get the best deals

If you want to get the best deals on larimar rings, compare prices among different shops and even different items within the same shop to get the best deal.

Keep the above guide in mind when shopping for larimar rings to help you make the best decisions!

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