What Is Evil Eye & Hamsa Jewelry?

Did You Know: What Is Evil Eye & Hamsa Jewelry?

What is Evil Eye? The Evil Eye is a famous symbol that you have probably seen several times without thinking about it too much. It is commonly worn by celebrities as a fashion symbol. You have had someone give you the “Evil Eye” look at some point.
The Evil Eye symbol is a surprisingly popular one and is present across several cultures. It looks like this:

Evil Eye & Hamsa Earrings
Evil Eye & Hamsa Earrings

Sounds familiar? It is one of the strongest symbolic images out there, and is over 3,000 years old. Wearing this symbol is said to provide protection against evil forces. The Evil Eye has significance in every religion – Island, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism.

Giving someone the Evil Eye means trying to cause harm to them, to curse them with bad luck or to inflict suffering, out of malice or envy.

The evil eye is a very popular trend in jewelry design. You can see a lot of celebrities wearing the evil eye as a stylish jewelry statement.

One of the best protections against the Evil Eye is Hamsa Jewelry.

The Hamsa Hand is a pre-historic Middle Eastern amulet which symbolizes the Hand of God. It is a protective symbol in all faiths and is believed to bring anyone who wears it good luck, happiness, joy, fortune and good health.

The Hamsa Hand is identified as the Hand of Fatima, and the Hand of Miriam. It is shaped as a hand with two symmetrical thumbs. You can have the most intricate jewelry designed with the Hamsa Hand designs.
The main purpose behind the Hamsa Jewelry is to ward off all evil and give the wearer protection against the “Ayin Ha’ra,” or The Evil Eye. Wearing Hamsa Jewelry will being peace, harmony and happiness to your life.

Religious Significance of Hamsa Symbol

The Hamsa Hand is the number five in Hebrew and the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Hamesh is one of God’s sacred names and a part of the five books of the Torah. Jews consider the Hamsa to be the Hand of Miriam, a symbol of high praise for God.
In Islam, Hamsa is referred to as “khamesh”, and is associated with one of the Five Pillars of Island. It represents the Five People of the Cloak for the Shi’tes and as the Hand of Fatima. Fatima is the daughter of Prophet Mohammad.

Types of Evil Eye Hamsa Jewelry

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