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Fast Sterling Silver Jewelry Dropshippers and Dropshipping Suppliers

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Are you looking for the Fast, Best and the Most Reliable dropshipping suppliers, jewelry dropshippers for high quality silver jewelry products? ✔ Genuine Solid Sterling Silver Guarantee  *More Detail All of our Silver Quality Tests are done as per the Hong Kong Productivity Council guidelines. You may trust us to provide a 100% Quality Guarantee on all of […]

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Earn Money Online with PRJewel Jewelry Affiliate Program Are you in search of a business opportunity that offers a profitable passive online income and tremendous potentials for growth?Do you have the drive and determination to succeed as an affiliate wholesale distributor of a unique range of products that are in high demand and offer consistent […]

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購買優質又廉價的925 純銀首飾


購買廉價純銀首飾有時候像是一場有風險的賭博。如果價格低,這意味著質量也低。所以,購買優質又便宜925 純銀首飾的最佳方法就是網上直接和製造商購買。 向製造商直接購買就可以減去了中間人的步驟。當你進入一間正規珠寶店,裡面展示各種美麗的珠寶,但是這些珠寶作品往往在是在不同國家設計和組裝,然後運送到商店出售。該珠寶店需要自負盈虧,向設計師和組裝師傅支付工作費用(有時他們分佈在多個地點),還要支負運送費用。這些成本可施加在一件首飾珠寶實際價值的800%左右。 再者,還有間接成本,但其中一個關鍵尋找價格合理又高質素的方法是消除成本。從製造商直接購買就是方法之一。互聯網亦成為了消費者的寶貴資源,顧客比以往能更容易從製造商購買珠寶首飾。雖然顧客需要支付運費,但價錢與零售珠寶商店的價格比較下只是九牛一毛。 純銀首飾實際上也沒有什麼不同。如今,如果你知道門路的話,購買廉價925 純銀首飾並不意味著要犧牲質量。Prjewel.com就是一個最佳例子,它是一間工廠直銷首飾店。Prjewel.com有自己的「工廠」和「設計」團隊,從而大大降低了成本。他們有豐富的經驗,曾為世界知名品牌製造珠寶首飾,所有產品必須通過多次測試,以確保最高的質量。由於Prjewel.com是一間一站式服務的公司,由選材、設計、加工到批發都是一手包辦,因此他們能降低製造成本從而提供廉價和優質的925 純銀首飾。

OEM Manufacturer

We use only the highest quality materials, sterling silver mould, our design experts create the very best accurate parts and designs. With our professional grade software, we design wax models that are made to meet precise quality standards with ultra fine attention to detail and intricate features. OME Mould Fee : FreeMinimum Order Quantity : […]

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Are you looking for a Silver Jewelry Manufacturers or a Jewelry Suppliers?PRJewel is one of the leading Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturer. We have a design team and our own factory in Hong Kong. We take pride in making Sterling Silver jewelry of the highest quality.We are involved in every stage of the manufacturing process from […]