What is Star of David Jewelry?

star of david

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The six-pointed Star of David is no doubt the most widely recognized and acclaimed symbol of Judaism or Jewish identity. This is also known as Magen of David or Shield of David. The star’s exact origins remain to be unknown up to this day and age even though the use of this dates way back to the medieval times. The Star of David is also being used as the title of God of Israel.
This phrase pertains to King David’s Divine protection as well as the anticipated restoration f his dynasty. This acknowledges that the renowned king did not only win using his own strength but instead, he was able to do it with the help of the Power of God. This is now considered as a symbol of God’s protection over the people.

Star of David Earrings
Star of David Earrings

The use of hexagram in relation to the Jews has been seen as early as 111th century even though this has only been officially used as the symbol of Jewish community during the 17th century. While the Christians from Europe followed the cross, the Jews had this Star of David instead, which can also be seen on the Jewish tombstones that date back on the 18th century.
This is also the same star that Jews from Europe who were more than 6 years old were forced to wear in the territories that were occupied by the Nazi. Back then, the star has a yellow color but today, this is now generally seen in blue.

The flag of Israel is composed of the blue Star of David on white background together with two horizontal lines in blue color which has been used since the year 1948.
And today, the Star of David can be usually seen in the form of fashion jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets etc. This is commonly blue and silver or blue alone although this can also be in other colors. This is being worn as the reminder that the God of Israel or Shield of David is always with the person who wears it.

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