Everything You Need to Know About Shell Pearl Jewelry

Everything You Need to Know About Shell Pearl Jewelry

So you’re curious about shell pearls and are wondering about shell pearl jewelry – is it worth buying? We want this to be a short introductory guide to shell pearl jewelry and what it is all about. Right then, let’s begin with the basics.

What Is Shell Pearl Jewelry?

Shell pearls or sea shell pearls, you should know are not really pearls. Shell pearl jewelry is different from pearl jewelry. There is a big difference between pearls and shell pearls, although, to be fair, shell pearls look pretty and attractive.

Pearls are the most sought-after gemstones that have been in the production for more than 4,000 years. Kings, emperors, pharaohs, generals throughout history have treasured pearls. Pearls were a symbol of wealth in many ancient civilizations.

Pearls are formed within mollusks or oysters when a foreign substance enters the shell of the mollusk and penetrates through the soft mantle tissue. In response to this the epithelial cells of the mollusks form and secrete nacre, a crystalline substance. As this hardens, a pearl is formed.

sterling silver shell pearl earrings
sterling silver shell pearl earrings

Natural pearls are rarely available on the market, and when they are, they can cost a lot. Natural pearls like the Tahitian Black Pearl, South Sea Pearl, and Akoya are hugely popular. But the problem is they are very expensive.

So what jewelry makers have been doing is to make imitation pearls made of shell, or “shell pearls,” as they are called. Remember – shell pearls are “imitation” pearls, and not really pearls as such.

sterling silver shell pearl jewelry
sterling silver shell pearl jewelry

How are Shell Pearls Different from Real and Authentic Pearls?

For one, shell pearls are much cheaper than real and authentic pearls. They are sold online for a far lower price and can be purchased by anyone. So if a necklace made from Tahitian Pearls or South Sea Pearls costs $15,000, one made from shell pearls, which looks pretty much the same will cost $10 to $20.

That’s the main difference.

Then there is a matter of color. Natural pearls are not available in colors such as bright pink, electric blue or apple green – but shell pearls are available in those colors. Authentic pearls are of the colors white, teal, dark silver, light silver, gold. Or they could be white with a tinge of pink, blue or silver.

Most of the pearl jewelry that are sold in online stores including ours is imitation pearl jewelry or shell pearl jewelry. There is a good reason for this.

Nobody would buy a chain or necklace that costs $15,000 to $20,000 made from authentic pearls on an online website. But they wouldn’t mind spending $10 to $20 on a beautiful piece of shell pearl jewelry.

Isn’t that right?

There is nothing wrong with buying shell pearl jewelry. You can purchase the most beautiful sterling silver earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and more embedded with shell pearls for a very reasonable price of anything from $10 to $100.

Just don’t be under the impression that these are authentic and natural pearls. That would cost you $10,000 plus. Really, who cares how much your beautiful necklace made from shell pearls costs as long as you look gorgeous when you wear it?


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