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What is Real 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry and How To Identify It?

925 sterling silver

If you’re considering buying sterling silver jewelry, you will no doubt want to know the difference between pure silver and 925 sterling silver. Well, pure silver is not really made up of only silver. It has 99.9% of silver, and a small content composed of other metals such as copper. Sterling Silver, on the other […]

A Guide to Buying Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Earrings

A Guide to Buying Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Earrings

Sterling silver blue topaz earrings is one of the most popular types of decorative jewelry today. If you want to know more about beautiful blue topaz earrings and how you can add them to your own jewelry collection, take a look at the following guide to blue topaz earrings. Why Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Earrings […]

Get Your Own Top Natural Sterling Silver Labradorite Ring!

sterling silver labradorite ring

If you really want to stand out, you need great jewelry that pushes the boundaries and which helps you express yourself. The best sterling silver labradorite ring can help you do that in no time. Silver jewelry is widely known as being a feldspar mineral and one that looks extraordinarily without being too expensive. It […]

4 Reasons to Buy a Sterling Silver Tree of Life Necklace

Sterling Silver Tree of Life Necklace

If you are looking for a gift for a friend or loved one or you simply want to add some nice jewelry to your personal collection, then you should take a closer look at the very popular tree of life necklace. Tree of life necklaces have been around for a long time and their enduring […]

Find The Best Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale

Find The Best Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale

Are you shopping for the Best Wholesale Gold Plated Jewelry? You should know that there are two types of gold plating jewelry that are sold in the wholesale jewelry market – wholesale gold plated jewelry and gold filled jewelry wholesale. PRJewel is high quality jewelry maker, which has been in this business for more than […]

Everything You Need to Know About Shell Pearl Jewelry

Everything You Need to Know About Shell Pearl Jewelry

So you’re curious about shell pearls and are wondering about shell pearl jewelry – is it worth buying? We want this to be a short introductory guide to shell pearl jewelry and what it is all about. Right then, let’s begin with the basics. What Is Shell Pearl Jewelry? Shell pearls or sea shell pearls, […]

What is Star of David Jewelry?

star of david

For the best designs, highest quality and the most affordable Star of David jewelry pieces, Prjewel Studio is the perfect place where you can choose from a unique collection that you can’t simply find anywhere else! The six-pointed Star of David is no doubt the most widely recognized and acclaimed symbol of Judaism or Jewish […]

How to Buy Sterling Silver Statement Earrings for Bridal

How to buy sterling silver statement earrings for bridal

So it is finally happening. The once in a lifetime dream of every girl to become a bride, will soon in your case turn into a reality. Dates have been set and all preparations are underway. And with the passing time as your big day arrives closer, you become increasingly nervous and overwhelmed on how […]

Essential Guide to Sterling Silver Larimar Rings

If you love jewelry or beautiful looking stones, then you will definitely want to jump on the growing trend for stunning larimar rings. Larimar rings have a unique yet sophisticated appearance that will add some sparkle and beauty to any wardrobe or occasion. The following is an essential guide to larimar rings, including the most […]